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– 80€ per track

     Why is mixdown important? because that’s how you define from the style to the type of sound you want your track to be like, channel level and fusion of each could be hard work and as complicated as all other aspects of music production, microhouse & romanian minimal use a new way of mixdown that even most of big producers from other styles can’t really make it, so i’m here to help!

     Please use wetransfer and zip the files, export all channels individually of your song. The sends/FX sent as extra channels as well. All in 24bits. Send Ableton project only if you use Ableton’s plugins. External AU/VST plugins will not work.

You’ll learn a lot; you’ll hear exactly how your track is supposed to sound so you will have a clear reference for your future tracks.

– ADD MASTERING (+ 20 €) 



– 100 € per track

    Did you got stuck whit a track and can’t finish? if you need help i’m here for it, don’t send just a loop, you need to send me a track that is roughly 80% done. Working only with ableton project (if you didn’t use external plug-ins) or stems. Export all channels as audio 24bit, if there is any effect on a channel, export it twice (as “A, B” verison of same channel, with and without the effect)

   Mixdown is included and will provide you with a high quality finish product!

– EXPORT STEMS (+ 30 €) 

– ADD MASTERING (+ 20 €) 

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