own productions / djset

own productions / djset

Thursday, 08 November 2018

It\s really been a while since i did my first podcast playing only my tracks, so because last few months i been produceing about 10-12 new tracks. and sign with few very cool label, yes most of them will come out on vinyl, be sure i will post all info when time comes.

01: Shinning EDIT (Free)
02: Drama Qeen (Bandcamp)
03: Xocipilli (Out now)
04: Well Cocked (Apotek)
05: A Venit Timpul (Pleasure Zone)
06: Uite asa as vrea sa mor (Unsigned)
07: Wait my call (Bandcamp)
08: The Spirit Molecule (Pleasure Zone)
09: Cosmic Wolf (Out now)
10: Discoteca (Bandcamp)
11: Alchemist (Pleasure Zone)
12: Mermaids (Pleasure Zone)

News of the moment are: Close to lunch new samples pack, Microhouse 2018 / Next stop @ Bloodwaxx HULL – UK 

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