.akasha healing

.akasha healing

Friday, 24 August 2018

Crowdfunding vinyl only release ! Reserve your copy now !

With a heart full of passion and curiosity, while the life experiences take us from the energies andunderstanding of ancient to the present moment, where the common feelings and intentions take us home. Ceremony and spiritual part of humans, made us understand that we really are one consciousness expresing itself into individual experiences. Let’s enjoy life, nature and the beauty of creation, while we got the chances for it. Train the mind and enerything else follow, live with love and there can’t be darkness in presence of light.  

Need your support on this, boy’s and girls!
Without pointing fingers and finding excuses, perosnaly i couldn’t finance my next vinyl, and happly i found Qrates, where, with your help, we can crowdfounding the release, it’s very simple and i think it could work, when we reach 100 reserved copies, the vinyl goes in production and everyone gets their copy.

All along my muscally life i got amazing support from people appreciating my work, thats how i made it here, thats how i pay my bills this days.. and i’m all dedicated to my music and always try to improve and give my best back, so i wanna thank you all who did, do, or will help, support and love and what i do, and see you all beatuiful smiles on the dance floor.


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