18.05 – Subteran

18.05 – Subteran

Tuesday, 08 May 2018
Live Show

Fabrica De Serotonină is a ‘fresh out the oven’ community of starving artists that joined forces to bring together like-minded individuals with the goal of showcasing high levels of pleasure and enthusiasm through experimental events and immersive audio-visual installations and collaborations.

New season requires new changes. So we’ve changed our spot to a much nicer, bigger and more inviting place. A proper cave for our musical delights. Treat this place like you would treat your mother. With love, tenderness and joy. And please, don’t kiss her on the mouth.

Come and say hi, the menu’s looking fresh as fuck! ♥


✖ MENU ✖



○ Paul Diez


○ DDecor

○ Plusculaar

○ Lisière Collectif




○ Support 30 RON if you sign up for guestlist onwww.fabricadeserotonina.com and 40 RON at the door.

○ Minimum age 18.

○ We have the right to deny entry.

○ Our team aims to create pleasurable, non-hostile environments; homophobia, sexism, racism or any discrimination of any kind will NOT be tolerated.


Please contact any of our team members or security staff if you see anyone behaving like an asshole.

We’re doing this for the love of music – if you don’t have any $$$ but you’d like to party – send a message our way and we’ll gladly sort something out.

♥, #FDS.

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