-30% DISCOUNT / 2018

-30% DISCOUNT / 2018

Saturday, 03 February 2018
  1. Good morning all you beautiful smiles and vibration, let’s start today with a great news about this year discount offer, for one week you will have -30% of all or any products in my shop

by using the CODE: LUCKY-2018

No matter if you need samples pack, ableton template, remix pack, mixdown or track finalization, now is the change to get all of them with this special discount i’m doing for you!

Discount works even for bookings*

Wish you all to reach you dreams, to become your better version, to enjoy life and human experience!

Now some news about my music work to come in near future:

  • 23.03.2018 is next Binaural Arts showcase at Club EDEN in Bucharest/RO
  • Currently working on a collab. track with Pheek
  • Curently working on a collab. track with Nicolas Bouzas
  • Will start asap to work on “Sounds Like Plusculaar 2018”

  • http://plusculaar.com/studio/ added to my website, Mixdown & Track finalization now available beside remix, ableton template and bandcamp

  • New digital releases on Binaural Arts, and more to come soon

Much love to every single one of you who supported my music and carrer over the years, thanks to you this journey been a blessing and surely many more years to come at least same magical energy!

See you all beautiful smiles on the dance floor!

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