Oh well, unforgettable indeed

Oh well, unforgettable indeed

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Dancing our worries away
Sharing smiles and connecting with beautiful people
Sending and receiving positive vibes
Impressed by the amazing scenery
Tingled senses by the linearity of the sounds

These are only a few sentences that we could use to describe the general feeling at 5 [deneuitat] and how we viewed this festival as a whole. Now, to delve deeper into our personal experience and how the festival unfolded.
As soon as we arrived at the location (Inside Bar Busteni, Prahova County) we were pleasantly surprised by the number of people that were already there and dancing. Considering the fact that there was an announcement in the whole country that the weather would not be favorable, the 5[deneuitat] fans did not care and they fought through minus degrees and a blizzard to get there and warm the place with positive vibes and an insatiable urge to dance.
At first we didn’t know what to expect when we saw that the initial location was changed (because of the unfavourable weather conditions), but as the seamless sounds played by Vid and Plusculaar brought the first rays of sun, we caught a glimpse of the mountain top and we understood why this place was chosen instead. It was an unforgettable (de neuitat) sight.

Considering the fact that the festival was supposed to start on Tuesday but it started on Thursday, the line-up was concentrated giving the opportunity to a lot of DJ’s to play b2b creating sets that kept the people in a continuous dancing loop, only taking breaks to gaze at the beautiful views. All these things contributed to the general feeling that the festival went on for 5 days as originally planned.
We had the chance to listen to various Romanian artists and numerous songs, some of them impressed us with their sets and how they chose their tracks (combining well-known tracks with unreleased ones, making a perfect blend), namely: Primarie, Vlad Yva, Mihai Pol, Mihail Escu, Aton Pann, Ion and as mentioned Vid and Plusculaar.
We consider that the sound system and the visuals were good enough, considering the space of the location, to satisfy our eyes and ears and create a proper setup so that we could feel unforgettable. It was our first DENEUITAT experience but it won’t be the last one for sure. We can’t wait to see what else they have to offer and meet these nice people again!



source: https://makesomenoiz.com/5-deneuitat-oh-well-unforgettable-indeed/

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