Asimetric at the Mountains

Asimetric at the Mountains

Tuesday, 26 July 2016
Live Show

sweet line-up:

JADA (Sankeys / Ibiza)
Sharing a mirrored passion for music, Kirsty and Jade from the UK were instantly drawn together when they met at a forest party in Ibiza in 2014. Being Pisces and Virgo on the zodiac the pair balance each other out wonderfully and provide for each others deficiencies. Since March 2015 they have continued there path as a duo named JADA. Never afraid to go in too deep, there music is not only there own, but the dance-floors therapy.
PLUSCULAAR (Mulen / Tzinah / Plaisir / Flugel)
Plusculaar was born in Rumania and got in touch with music and the clubscene at a young age. When he entered a club with his brother for the first time, he was suddenly impressed by it’s atmosphere and already knew that music would be playing a big role in his life. He was looking for a reflection of himself in the music and after more nights spent in clubs with stunnung sets and deep moments, he felt that he had to learn playing to impress hiself. After a while he could already feel happy about having success in Amsterdam and Romania, playing DJ-Sets with Pack Osuna and Florian Meindl. These experiences showed him, that it all just had begun and that there was more to come. To impress his own spirit better, he started to produce music, and releases on vinyl Labels like Enough Music, Cardinal, Fluegel & Inwave followed. In 2014 Plusculaar founded his very own label, Binaural Arts, with tracks of artists he was impressed by. The music speaks for itself. One thing is sure, there is more to come and to expect by Plusculaar: his way just started and he is ready for this ride. We are looking forward to more good vibes, smiles and happiness delivered through his sound. Keep an eye out for that guy!
Shaun started his journey into the electronic music scene at a very young age when he found the iconic album Northern Exposure by Sasha and Digweed at the age of 13 . Shaun quickly became obsessed with buying records and collecting music he then set his goal to succeed in the electronic music scene .
Shaun decided that in order to progress with the music that he loved he needed to create an environment where people could experience it !
Organising and Djing at underground rave parties and then creating the night we now know as ‘Dogruff ’!
As well as throwing parties Shaun also knows how the take control of the music ! He has shared the decks with artistes such as Dorian Paic ,Ion Ludwig ,Barac ,Praslea ,Chris Carrier ,Rossko ,Christian Burkhardt ,Bella Sarris , Alexandra and Brawther to name a few and also playing in key locations like London, Romania, and Ibiza !
”i find it hard to describe the style of music i play it just has to make me feel some thing’’
With his dark trippy bass driven style Shaun really tri’s to focas on diging deep and creating moments for people to share .
MIHAI STAN (Asimetric / RO)
Up and growing artist, amaze public with each set he dose, big part of Asimetric team, Stan join us, and is ready for a good dance!
Fell in music from birth from a mother born jazz singer and a father composer in the french underground hip hop she decides to choose ballet and conscacre 11 years of her life.
Thanks to this discipline, she aquiert a certain rigor and a musical ear that will serve after.
After multiple trips (New York, London, Brussels …) and meetings that have nourished her inspiration, it is without regret that Salome makes her dancing career aside to pursue his first love music.
Coming back to Paris she discovered the mix in 2012 and start producing few months later . After playing in places like Paris London, Munich , Ibiza
She decided to get back to a minimal sound .

Artist support: 20lei all night

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