Plusculaar Birthday Party

Plusculaar Birthday Party

Saturday, 23 April 2016
Live Show

Its my birthday, and we gonna party big time! I was born in 1987, 28th April.. about 10 minutes after midnight i came out in this world, all my life roads lead to be the man i’m today, can not be more thankful, for such a amazing life i had until this day.
So this year i decided to have a party at a local club where we usually dance our shoes off lately, and the special name say it all “For Friends Bar” and the biggest surprise yet is who is going to support me with the line-up, to be honest i’m so thankful to have such amazing friends and their support:

Shaun Edwards (England)

Carlos Ryan (England)

Mihai Stan (Romania)

Temiri (Switzerland) (Switerland)

Martin Goodwin (France)

Plusculaar Birthday Party

Entrance is free, party happens on 27 April, 22:00
For Friends Bar – Str. Sfintilor nr.12

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