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Microhouse 2018

10 tracks theme : Atmo & FX / Bass hits / Bass loops / Drum loops / HiHat hits / HiHats loops / Kick hits / Kick loops / Perc hits / Perc loops / Snare hits / Snare loops / Synth & Melodics / Track Themes Pack Size: 214.wav files / 350.MB

Price : 48 €

Ableton Template 03

Deep minimal with ambient and breaks influence, is the 3rd Ableton Project by Plusculaar, this time comes with something new, stems / wav files of each channel, so you can use / remix / edit this track with any DAW

Price : 123 €

Shaman Drum - PRS11

I always wanted to give life to my music, to sound alive and connected with nature, and everything around, like a journey throw life and creation, and so i belive today i got the close to my dream sound, always place to improve and get better, but satisfied with the results of all hard work until now

Price : 53 €

Ableton Template 02

Do you dark? So do we.. For my second Ableton Template i choose a dark and deep melodics on that micro minimal beats, ready to smash the dance floor and same time help you with your production and inspiration. Let the music speak as i love to say, listen here, if you like and find it usefull to own the ableton project, feel free to buy it , exclusive here. Files size: 298MB / works with Ableton 9 Suite and all above

Price : 123 €

Sounds Like Plusculaar 2018

Pack Details: 302 Wav File 633 MB pack size Folders inside: Bass_hits / Bass_loops / Beats / Drum_loops / FX & Atmo / HiHats_hits / Hihats_loops / Kick_hits / Kick_loops / Music_loops / Music_tools / Perc_hits / Perc_loops / Snare_hits / Snare_loops

Price : 67 €

[PRS09] Modular Synth

I know it’s been a while since i posted new samples pack, but the waiting is over, i present you Modular Synth, a 2018 samples pack where you find 10 different synths with their pattern, and i also did FX versions. Inside you will find 45 Wav. files including, full synth, patterns and efx.

Price : 45 €

Ableton Template 01

As winter holiday should be a happy special family time, so me and my music feels like, this year suprise is a new way of giving help with my skills to all of you, this idea show up in my head not long ago, and it materialized just in time for these and i guess it has...

Price : 231 € 123 €

[PRS008] Modular Drum by Plusculaar

Modular Drum by Plusculaar is the new samples pack hosting a collection of 15 unique beats, the power of analog gear and special touch of Romanian underground sound, makeing these a must have. LOOPS : Full Beats / HiHat / Kick / Noise / Perc / Shaker / Snare ONE-SHOT : HiHat / Kick / Noise / Perc / Shaker / Snare 147mb. & 198.wav files BPM: 121 / 123 / 125 Audio Demo Cover

Price : 54 €

[PRS007] Atmosphere by Plusculaar

Psihedelic atmosphere and background sounds into a full track version with Plusculaar signature, unique 10 tracks that might say have no genere or could be use for any style of your production, from meditation music to experimental, electronica, ambient, microhouse, minimal, and more. 909.Mb / 52.WAV / Full Tracks / Patterns / Modular Drum

Price : 45 €

[PRS006] Sounds like Plusculaar 2017

805.wav files // size: 1.25GB // bpm: 120 – 123 – 215 – 127 Goodies of the new year are here, Sounds Like Plusculaar is huge and amazing samples data base, 40 unique beats with loops and one-shot included.Its been almoust a year since plusculaar website and samples pack been created, and now proudly lunch the 6th edition with all the experience and passion gather in these sounds really step out of the pure underground and Romanian feeling.

Price : 85 €

[PRS005] Sounds Like Romanian Vinyl

Sounds Like Romanian Vinyl , this new sound pack brings something totally new as format and includes 30 unique beats, instead of 10 as samples pack before, where you can find loops and one-shot as well. The story behind this one goes back to the first samples pack Plusculaar ever made,Romanian Techno, this time bringing much more sound , new formats and amazing help for beginners or pro music producers.

Price : 64 €

[PRS004] Microhouse One-Shot

Summer is here and same the new One-Shot Pack, Microhouse in new format is now available! It’s the 4th of is kind, that you can find on my website in my samples & one-shot pack series. Everything you can find in the samples pack is in here as well, as one-shot, all royalty-free sounds to give a special touch to you production, it includes as loops only the Beat folder as a bonus.

Price : 23 €

[PRS004] Microhouse - Samples Pack

Its already spring 2016, and most of us are waiting for the next “Sound Like Plusculaar” , and guess what? waiting is over.. big pleasure to present you Microhouse Samples Pack, number 4 so far and first of this lovely year. Like a seed you plan in the ground to grow a beautiful tree, or flower, same the love Plusculaar puts in all his work, it grows, so as he is fill with energy of his experience, and our guy keep trying to give his best for all of us.

Price : 38 €

[PRS003] DT One-Shot Pack

DT One-Shot format is here, 3rd Pack from my exclusive series, all sounds are royalty-free and everything you can hear in demo (and some more) and all sounds from samples pack is included here, as one-shot version. Surely this type of sounds and style is not a regular, innovation and hard work speaks for it self, from natural recorded sound to modular analog synth, this collection is ready to amaze you and bring a spark of extra quality to your production.

Price : 23 €

[PRS003] Deep Tech - Samples Pack

Plusculaar Records proudly introduce to you 3rd royalty-free loops and sample pack, designed for beginner as well for pro producer to give a spark to your music production, as many of you already respond beautiful to first pack and of course influenced this one we show today.

Price : 38 €

[PRS002] Hip Hop One-Shot Pack

New format for Hip Hop is here, One-Shot Pack with royalty-free sounds, and so you can have a touch of me in your track. First love of music for Plusculaar, is of course Hip-Hop, and all related.. with some time before he discoverer electronic club music, this was the most loved sound for me, and how can i ever forget it?

Price : 18 €

[PRS002] Hip Hop - Samples Pack

Believe it or not, next samples pack with Plusculaar signature goes back to his first love of music, witch is Hip Hop and all kinds of Rap, Jazz, Organic, Instrumental, Experimental and the special sound of vinyl. These unique, royalty-free samples and loops are dj ready and big help for any kind of music producer!

Price : 34 €

[PRS001] RT One-Shot Pack

RT One-Shot Pack is a lovely supersize for all of us, Romanian Techno new version of One-Shot Pack exclusive to shop! Each sound it can be found in demo song, or samples pack, but this one contain each sound as one-shot, only samples you can find is the Beats folder witch is identical with the one is Samples Pack.

Price : 23 €

[PRS001] Romanian Techno - Samples Pack

“SOUNDS LIKE PLUSCULAAR” So proud to announce first Samples Pack with Plusculaar signature! Romanian Techno These royalty-free samples and loops are perfect for a beginner producer as much as for the pro one, with influences from Romanian Techno & House to weird Minimal, Electronica and Microhouse, all written with his special touch, each sound been tuned into a new level of quality so the analog sound and modular synths used to make a different dimension of sound and feeling, are just right.

Price : 38 €

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