Modular Synth [PRS09]

Modular Synth [PRS09]

Monday, 05 March 2018
Samples Pack

I know it’s been a while since i posted new samples pack, but the waiting is over, i present you Modular Synth, a 2018 samples pack where you find 10 different synths with their pattern, and i also did FX versions.  Inside you will find 45 Wav. files including, full synth, patterns and efx.

Of course it workes well with Modular Drum, and all my unique and exclusive here drum and percussion, hope you gonna enjoy these as much as i do, there are infinite posibilites to create great melodics for your tracks.


This samples pack contains only synth, drums you hear in this demo are from Modular Drum samples pack! There are only 4 synths in this demo, out of 10 + patterns + effects.

some news: Curently working on “Sounds Like Plusculaar 2018” and Ableton Template 02

*Note: If you want to pay with Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ripple, contact me!

after payment you will get 2 emails of confirmation, one from paypal, and one from with download link! In case you miss the email feel free to contact me and it will all be sort out, Thank you!

useful tips: These sounds are created with 432Hz (tone frequency) .. from the standard 440Hz,
change yours for best quality!

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