Ableton Template 01

Ableton Template 01

Sunday, 17 December 2017
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As winter holiday should be a happy special family time, so me and my music feels like, this year suprise is a new way of giving help with my skills to all of you, this idea show up in my head not long ago, and it materialized just in time for these and i guess it has some connection, anyway it’s time to present my first Ableton  Template ready to share all my secrets with you, if in the past you got the samples from me but still needed to know how i work levels and all other details to make it sound this way, now the chance has come and i’m giving you all my secrets and ways to make my special sounds, no more words needed, you know now is the best you could get and if this helps you get a little closer to your dream, then is closer to my dream as well.


by PLUSCULAAR – 231 € / 123 €

231 € / 123 €

Ableton Template 01 is a complete track using mostly MIDI channels but with some audio sources that you will find inside the project, also you will find the pre-master audio track of this project as well as a mastering version.

These been created with Ableton 9 Suite, so it works with 9.0 and all above versions, if you have lower version you need to update your ableton in order to work.

*Note: If you want to pay with Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ripple, contact me!

after payment you will get 2 emails of confirmation, one from paypal, and one from with download link! In case you miss the email feel free to contact me and it will all be sort out, Thank you!

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