Mini Tour Switzerland

Mini Tour Switzerland

Monday, 26 September 2016
Live Show

My debut in Switzerland happend about one year ago, it was their second anniversary, 27th July was the date when BASS’N’SMILE throw this amazing day and night party at a very dope location, Loud Minority Skate Party, in Biele. This year the story takes a big turn and my coming back will be a sweet marathon, that means four party’s in four city’s, one weekend!

Mini Tour Switzerland:

Thursday 13.10.2016
Coupole – Biele

Friday 14.10.2016
Central Station – Geneva

Saturday 15.10.2016
Private Venue – Bern

Sunday 16.10.2016
Saxo afterhours – Basel

My set in 2015 was recorded live, so you can listen it here:

Looking forward to this marathon tour in Switzerland !!!

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