Spiritus Mundi – New Album

Spiritus Mundi – New Album

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Spiritus Mundi is a Latin term that literally means, ‘world spirit’. In Spiritus Mundi, there is, according to William Butler Yeats:
‘a universal memory and a ‘muse’ of sorts that provides inspiration to the poet or writer’.
To Yeats, Spiritus Mundi is the source of all ‘images’ and ‘symbols,’ a ‘collective unconscious.’

The very unexpected new album from Plusculaar, contains eighth representative tracks with the special sound and touch you been used to hear and feel .. the spirit , love and energy that always flow into Plusculaar music and life.

First peace on this album is a “Intro” that fuse to life’s real sound.. that feeling of you stay in silence then sounds around one start to sound lowder and actually make sense in your head, thats exactly what this one transmit. A quite moment of silence outdoor, hearing better the nature until it makes a full story in your senses.

Second is actually first full track out of this collection, holding the name of all album, this peace is made as respect and love to the divine energy that inspire and connect the artist that put their love and creativity into the work thats left for all of us. Also more then a tribute to “world spirit” is also a materialization’s of what that feels like for Plusculaar.

Now 3rd track goes up to the “bouncing” part of music and bring a really “fusible” sound that can be mixed with various styles and of electronic music and blends with dance floor no matter what gender you are into, creativity of dancing patterns and exciting sound is so finely defined here!

“Sweet little things” goes to the minimal and atmosferic part of music where the feeling of natural sounds is combined with rhythm and perrcution that makes you feel like nature is playing a song that makes you dance wherever you are, the sweet feel of simple but deep sounds

To.get.her or together is goes to a private part where Plusculaar, where he express his feeling throu sound for a live event that occur in his life, yea is about a girl that wake up divine energy into our artist. First time this track been play out was acutally at last even Plusculaar played, Grooves London with Topper & Plusculaar, as last track and people reaction was totally divine, see video here!

Now we are at another special track full of meaning and feeling, Verde Stop (freely translated from Romanian is “Green Stop”) yea is about been high but is also about those people who do music and art for no other reason then love of the beauty of creation, each time you past a centre city or a place where you can hear and see artist performing on the streets, is that unexplained feeling of hear music outside with all the life sound, thats exactly what this track was made about.

Shah mat is defiantly a track that will smash the dance floor, and thats what its feelings for, each great set has that song with bring up everyones hands and like the game “Chess” when you mat the king and is no other way then enjoying its rhythm and dance your shoes off.

The nocturnal bird that is rarely seen but is great hunter and surviver carry mistic wisdom and we humans always have to learn from nature, what better source then a wise owl? Regarding that this tracks brings all knowledge and understanding Plusculaar has understood in all hi’s years of work and experience, the modular analog sound and power at its best on this track with our guy special touch, this is a “forever there” track.


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