Binaural Arts

Binaural Arts

Monday, 23 May 2016

“the soul, creativity, or love put into something, the essence of yourself that is put into your work”

Binaural Arts

Binaural Arts – record label – est. 2014

This record label been establish for the wish of showcasing representative tracks of very talented artists, the idea behind the label is to let the music speak for itself, that’s why each release has only 2 tracks. Words have no power here, only feelings and talent to write unusual and underground songs.

“Mainstream comes to you, but you have to go to the underground”

Upcoming releases by artists: Mikki Wings, Shaun Edwards, Jada, Tohil, Primr, Mattia D’amato, ADM, Max (Italy)

Past Releases:

BIA001 “Fallen Angel” by Plsuculaar (26-05-2014)

BIA002 “VSISUS” by Zahir (09-05-2014)

BIA003 “Mental Flutter” by UNKNOWN ARTIST (23-06-2014)

BIA004 “Temper” by Mi.Re.La (07-07-2014)

BIA005 “Continuous” by Syo & Blatancy (21-07-2014)

BIA006 “Dublu Patrat” by Silat Beksi & Libe & Alex Rusu (04-08-2014)

BIA007 “Lum” by Plantae (22-09-2014)

BIA008 “Vinyl de Suflet” by Plusculaar (27-10-2014)

BIA009 ” Truba Duru’ by Bar Za (17-11-2014)

BIA010 “Around Bonfire” By INgra & Locïc (08-12-2014)

BIA011 “They Were Talking About Me” by Conclave (23-03-2015)

BIA012 “Para N-o Ia” by Plusculaar (06-04-2015)

BIA013 “Prins La Mijloc” by Maman (20-04-2015)

BIA014 “Auralis” by Teluric (04-05-2015)

BIA015 “Issues” by Paparoiu Robert, Maman (08-06-2015)

BIA016 “Supernature” by Daniele Griffo (26-10-2015)

BIA017 “Smells Like Hope” by Plusculaar (11-04-2016)

BIA018 “Not Enough” by Luna Ludmila (25-04-2015)

BIA019 “Treidelei” by Plusculaar (out 30.05.2016)

Your demo’s are welcome!

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